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• 11/29/2018

New Strategy!

I call it, NOT ENOUGH PYLONS! Because, yea! This also uses the new thing: Transceivers! You can find them at Tech > Misc!

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• 11/30/2018

Wait WHAT ARE TRANSCEIVERS??? And what do they do I can't play Eclipsis for a while please tell me I wanna know everything

• 12/4/2018

Transceivers are new items that is a infinite ranged pipe. However though, theres a slight disadvantage. If something is blocking the beam, it will NOT work unlike the Distributor.

• 12/4/2018

Yeah I guess they are kinda OP if you think about it...

You make a Skybase, put a Transceiver on top of it, then you create a Barge and put a Transceiver on top of it and you have like infinite iridium for your Barge. You could just out a Transceiver, Standard Tank, and an Artillery, and you have a portable Arty that never runs out of Iridium. OP.

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