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• 11/2/2018

Lots of hackers lately

Don't know what happened to this game, but it has been plagued with hackers lately. I thought it was bad enough in the last couple days when I played against three different people who had super speed hacks, but I just played against two people who were instant building the Priority Beacon. Since the game was featured up until I stopped playing a month ago, I don't think I ran into more than one hacker, but now I run into one every day, and they're getting even more abusive. What happened?

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• 11/4/2018

Same here. I've been running into speedhackers and teleporting hackers more and more often, and it's really ruining the gameplay. What's the point of hacking a strategy game? A sense of self-approval? Amusement at the pain of others? I can sort of understand hacking crappy pay-to-win "simulators", but not hacking eclipsis.

Edit: Just try remembering their names and perhaps trying to contact a mod in the eclipsis discord. In any case, blocking them in roblox would let you know if they are in the game, allowing you to leave if you see them.

• 11/11/2018

We know. I have contact with Davidii and we are constantly tagging him and tell him about it. He isn't responding whatsoever. We're working our hardest to get them banned.

• 20h

I know quite a few hackers. they are EXTREMLY annoying. One was racist and constantly said the “n” word. There needs to be in game admins.

• 19h

Well Davidii says he will never add in-game moderators. So that isn't happening. But we're working on convincing him.

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