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• 11/2/2018

Lots of hackers lately

Don't know what happened to this game, but it has been plagued with hackers lately. I thought it was bad enough in the last couple days when I played against three different people who had super speed hacks, but I just played against two people who were instant building the Priority Beacon. Since the game was featured up until I stopped playing a month ago, I don't think I ran into more than one hacker, but now I run into one every day, and they're getting even more abusive. What happened?

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• 11/4/2018

Same here. I've been running into speedhackers and teleporting hackers more and more often, and it's really ruining the gameplay. What's the point of hacking a strategy game? A sense of self-approval? Amusement at the pain of others? I can sort of understand hacking crappy pay-to-win "simulators", but not hacking eclipsis.

Edit: Just try remembering their names and perhaps trying to contact a mod in the eclipsis discord. In any case, blocking them in roblox would let you know if they are in the game, allowing you to leave if you see them.

• 11/11/2018

We know. I have contact with Davidii and we are constantly tagging him and tell him about it. He isn't responding whatsoever. We're working our hardest to get them banned.

• 11/20/2018

I know quite a few hackers. they are EXTREMLY annoying. One was racist and constantly said the “n” word. There needs to be in game admins.

• 11/20/2018

Well Davidii says he will never add in-game moderators. So that isn't happening. But we're working on convincing him.

• 11/26/2018

I just got my awesome skybase wrecked by this fly hacker who could fly incredibly fast. He flew so fast that our turrets couldn't hit him, and so he could just fly up to my base and then spam it with Laser Strikes. He also had a team of like 8 people building him tanks and Submersibles so he could make the SSIM, while it was just me and my brother trying to build an awesome sky base. Dang it, I forgot to record or take pics.

that is the base we build the match before that, and the one that got rekt was pretty much the same. This thing has turrets ALLLLL over the bottom



• 12/20/2018

I have not seen any hackers very recently. I saw a few a few months ago, but I have been lucky and since the priority beacon was made I have not seen one. Idk how good the antihack scripts are on eclipsis, as hacking roblox is literally just injecting scripts, but if you make it so that anyone with their speed set higher than the normal, or who have fly active get insta kicked, then you stop 1/2 of hackers instantly. Then you have to try to find a way to stop hackers who use a more complex system, like setting their own velocity to move rather than changing their actual walk speed value. You also have to find a way to prevent people from using unlimted iridium hacks, without kicking people who get glitched and get around 125% iridium sometimes by the games lag and bugs. After this, you have stopped about 5/6 of hackers.

The rest can probably find a way around anything.

• 12/31/2018

@l1242092 Oh boi, if they insta build the Priority Beacon, just simply destroy it with a Laser Drill, its simply only a few hits. :p

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