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• 9/18/2018

Best Battle Barge Creation

This is by far the best barge creation I've ever seen. It allows you to strike from anywhere on the ocean while letting you control the barge above the fumes. Credit for this creation goes to SteamG0D.
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• 9/18/2018
Why not submersibles instead? Those are more space efficient.
• 10/17/2018

I've created a mothership, carrying 14 condensers, 2 tanks, an upgrade station, an artillery, an anchor (need it for the shield generator), a shield generator, an automechanic, a fabricator, a distributor, and an arsenal

Then i created another ship, with 8 tanks, and an ssim with tons of distributor caps (you get what i was trying to do)

i've created many versions of them, but they are usually the same, a huge platform, lots of condenser, tanks, and an artillery

following image is an one of my various creations i screen-shotted

• 10/21/2018

Star, as of the update when this picture was taken, subs didn't work on barges.

• 11/11/2018

@CakeSlayr You actually need a spatial anchor before you can start making Submersibles.

• 11/11/2018

Like I said before, as of the update when the picture was taken, subs didn't work on barges.

• 12/19/2018

no, this design isn't effective. to go to the artillery you DO need to go into the fumes.

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